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Soul Skin was created from my own personal experience of trying to find genuine natural and organic skincare products due to having sensitive skin and failing miserably. Whenever I got to the small print I always found something that was definitely not a natural ingredient.


Did you know the words 'natural' and 'organic' in the cosmetic industry are unregulated? Unless you buy a product that has The Soil Association logo you could be buying absolutely anything. 

So I started making my own body butters and body scrubs a few years ago with raw, unrefined natural ingredients, got quite good at it! I then had my son in 2019 and decided that people need my products in their lives and Soul Skin was also born that year.

I have just launched an initial range of nine body butters that have all been handcrafted by me in Greenwich, London and certified organic and vegan so you can trust what you are putting on your skin.

Also I make aromatherapy candles which are made with soy wax and scented using organic essential oils.


None of the  products that I make have any toxins, parabens or preservatives in them. That's a promise!


Soul Skin is an Eco - friendly business. Good for your skin and good for the planet!

Sophie x


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