Why should you trust Soul Skin?

Every ingredient used is completely natural and of the highest quality. No preservatives, parabens or synthetic fragrances used. Nothing but vegan plant-based goodness.

All but a few ingredients used are organic and this exception is only made when it is impossible to buy in organic form. For example 'organic soy wax' doesn't exist. This is because when the liquid vegetable oil is turned into a solid it undergoes a natural chemical change. I don't use water in my products but to give you another example - you can't buy 'organic water' because water is made from two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule, by definition it is then an inorganic compound. 

Soil Association

All butters have been certified by The Soil Association which means that you know that it is a genuine organic product and that it’s been sourced and manufactured using sustainable ingredients.   The whole cycle from start to end including the packaging is GMO free, no animal testing has been done and you know that the product is free from harsh chemicals, nano particles, parabens, synthetic dyes and artificial fragrances.  

Vegan Society

All of my products including my candles are vegan and certified by The Vegan Society. Purchasing a product that has the Vegan trademark means that the manufacturing and development of the product and it's ingredients have not been involved in the use of any animal products or by-products and there has been no testing on animals.  

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